StuySplash Presentations

StuySplash 2023

In 2023, we held StuySplash at Stuyvesant High School on December 16. Below are the presentations from the event.

  • Trajectory Optimization in FRC

    with Asa Paparo


    A case study in generating optimal trajectories using CasADi for various mechanisms.

  • Autonomous Robots: The StuyPulse Way

    with Ivan Chen


    Learn all about automation in FRC, how StuyPulse creates autonomous systems, and how you can create automated systems for FRC robots.

  • Custom Software: Taking Your Team to the Next Level

    with Warren Yun


    What are examples of custom software in FIRST teams? What are the ups and downs? What tools are commonly used? We'll go through a variety of case studies of how teams have benefited (and fallen) because of it, and go through a quick example of building some from the ground up.

  • Using Autonomous Trajectories in Road Runner for FTC

    with Flint Mueller, Daniel Xu


    We will be explaining how to use autonomous trajectories in the FTC library Road Runner. We will go over how they can be implemented in code, and the benefits they provide to autonomous pathing.

  • From Re-use to Global Use: The Five Year Journey of Scoutradioz

    with Mike O'Connell, Jordan Lees


    designModularScoutingSystem(); // reusable from year to year makeItEasyToUse(); // [try to!] make it enjoyable to scout adaptAsNewTeamsJoin(); // handle other teams' structures, preferences, languages, ... //// TODO: make less hacky!

  • Intro to Autonomous Robots

    with Ivan Chen


    Learn about the technical aspects of creating autonomous routines for your robot so that you can make your own.

  • Simulations and Subsystem Design

    with Richie Xue


    The motivation behind subsystem simulations, how they work, and design paradigms that we've started using in subsystem simulation design.

  • Lessons Learned: Pursuing 100% Up -Time on the Field

    with Wesley Pilamunga, Jairo Natividad, Rafael Cando, Mia Pan, Tia Singh


    Join Team 1796 discussing their passion- trying to make every match count. Step 1 is minimizing communication/control issues. Hear lessons they learned and the tricks they use to try to achieve their goal of little to no field communication issues. This overarching goal requires considerations during the design process, robot assembly, as well as operating procedures at events.

  • Niche Ways to Improve Robot Design

    with Daniel Xu


    We will be going over small but meaningful ways to design a better FTC robot (but can be applied to FRC as well!). This includes but is not limited to- CAD tricks, mechanical principles, and niche parts. Many of these have been tested under real match conditions, and have proven successful for our team.

  • Material Selection: A Good Way to Not Break Your Robot

    with Navid Kashem


    Choosing the right material can potentially save you a lot of headaches in the future. In this presentation, we'll talk about recommended applications for various materials, examples of when incorrect material choices had a legitimate effect, and some (very) basic materials science.

  • Effective Team Operations and Outreach in STEAM

    with Szymon Koc, Giankyle Vallarta, Darshveer Singh

    In our lecture, 'Effective Team Operations and Outreach in STEAM,' we will explore the comprehensive approach our team uses to engage and inspire the community in the STEAM field. We will discuss our collaboration with the Queens Public Library system, our strategies for organizing robot showcases at local events, and how we conduct robot demos and workshops near where our students live to further spread the FIRST ethos. Additionally, we'll share our experiences in starting and sustaining multiple FLL teams, detailing the preparation, documentation, and community networking that has enabled us to build a robust and lasting FLL ecosystem. This presentation will not only highlight our external outreach efforts but also our internal strategies for cultivating contacts and supporting new teams, illustrating our team's commitment to fostering a vibrant and sustainable STEAM community.

  • History of FRC Games

    with Howard Cohen


    Join us as we peer back in time to games of years back in the past. We will look into what FIRST games have given us and some tips we can learn from each game.

  • How to Mentor FLL

    with Victoria Reguyal, Chuer (Cindy) Zhong, Jennifer Ye


    The basics on mentoring an FLL team, no experience necessary

  • Fostering Engagement In Robotics

    with Mariam Samake, Ella Stryker-Robbins, Nina Shadrin, Grace Gao, Zoe Rosenberg

    This lecture will be about getting the team to become more engaged in FIRST as well as robotics in general. It will go over collaboration in teams, outreach, as well as member communication.

  • Pulsecrew: Competition Assistance

    with Rita (Rain) Shao, Eric Lin, Rachel Kim, Elin Kim


    Come learn about PulseCrew, 694's team of students that assist others during competitions! We will talk about how to approach other teams, common problems our team encounters, and what other teams can do to help prevent major issues.

  • Preparing to Apply To & Speak At Conferences

    with Jeanne Boyarsky


    Have you ever wondered how conference speakers start out? Thinking about submitting yourself? In this session, we will go over how to write a CFP (call for proposals) or abstract and tips on actually presenting. Come join us for a fun session and take away key skills. Whether you hope to present at a session like this one or champs or are just learning for the future, this talk is for you!

  • Impact 101

    with Jennifer Ye, Jiayu Yan


    Everything on the Impact Award, including the general process, written submissions, presentation, and general tips and tricks

  • FRC Finance

    with Jiayu Yan, Raihan Zaman


    Discussing the ups and downs of financing a robotics team, including details about how to apply to grants and sponsorships and how to build the Finance department within your team.

  • Scouting & Strategy Panel

    with Joe Blay, Tia Singh, Brian Maher, Emmanuel Jeffers (moderator)


    Join Joe, Tia, and Brian as they discuss the different ways each of their teams approach scouting, competition strategy, and alliance selection.

  • Playing to Win: The Chokehold Strategy in FRC

    with Ari McMahon


    Game strategy has always been a core tenant of success in FRC. Dominant strategies, referred to in FRC as Chokehold Strategies, are rare, but understanding how teams implemented them, the game structure that allowed them to happen, and what to take away from each of these robots is an important part of FRC history. This presentation will highlight a case studies on three (and a half) robots that implemented chokehold strategies - 71 2002, 469 2010, 1114/900 2015, and 254 2018.

  • How to Win Without Having the Best Robot

    with Brian Maher


    Building a robot that's better than everyone else's robot is really hard. Fortunately, you don't have to do that to win a regional! Brian will walk you through lots of easier things your team can start do to become a top contender at your regionals.

  • A Maniac's Approach to an FRC Season

    with Joe Blay


    Mr. Blay has been involved with FRC for almost 2 decades. He is the head coach of StuyPulse, is a drive coach, and a robotics teacher. In this presentation he will go through some of what he has learned over the years and how to apply it to a successful FRC season.