StuySplash Presentations

StuySplash 2022

In 2022, we held StuySplash at Stuyvesant High School on December 10. Below are the presentations from the event.

  • Real World Software Engineering

    with Wade Norris


    I spent 7 years at Google (Ads => Google AI => Google [X]). I've since started multiple startups, including one backed by YCombinator and Accel. I'll talk about what it's like working in industry, how to get a job, and answer any questions you may have!

  • Guide to a Successful FRC Season

    with Joseph Blay


    Giving teams advice on how to run their season.

  • Control Theory for FIRST Robots

    with Myles Pasetsky


    Learn about control theory, PID and feedforward controllers, and motion profiles (and the approach StuyLib takes to a control theory library.)

  • Simulation and Subsystem Design

    with Ben Goldfisher and Shaurya Sen


    The motivation behind subsystem simulations, how they work, and design paradigms that we've started using in subsystem simulation design.

  • Impact 101

    with Philip Liu


    Discussing the Impact Award at a high-level - what it is, how new teams can get involved, how veteran teams can improve, and general advice for making a positive change.

  • Less is More: Making Better Picks With Less Scouting Data and Better Analytics

    with Brian Maher


    Many teams collect too many different scouting data points, which requires unnecessary effort from scouting students and can lead to less accurate data. We'll talk about how to make collecting scouting data easier for your team by only collecting the information you'll actually need and strategies for most effectively analyzing/visualizing that data.

  • Various Case Studies to Remember

    with Howard Cohen


    Join us as we look at a variety of problems and how the great minds of then and today looked at them. Take home some guiding principles from the challenges that happen in the real world and can help in the future. Will you be able to solve the puzzles?

  • WPLIB Beta Testing

    with Vincent Wang and Ivan Chen


    We will discuss any breaking changes and issues discovered through our testing with the new 2023 WPILIB software

  • Crash Course to 3D Printing

    with Max Zeng and Aiden Tan


    An introduction to 3D printers and the basics of 3D printing. We'll be going over why should you 3D print, different types of 3D printers used today, different 3D printing materials, how to use 3D printers, 3D printers we use on our team, and finally ending it with demos on setting up prints on the softwares for Ultimaker and Stratasys.

  • How to Incorporate CAD into your FRC Team's Design Process

    with Sean Zhan


    This lecture will provide an insight into StuyPulse's approach to CAD. It will include an overview of Onshape, a free and user-friendly CAD software, it's many features and addons useful in FRC. Whether you're just starting or seeking advanced insights, this session aims to provide teams with advice to elevate their CAD practices.

  • Using Finite State Machines for Robot Control

    with Zawad Dewan and Paul Serbanescu


    We will be discussing the basics of finite state machines and how they can be used to control a robot. We will also be discussing how to implement them in code. (auto-description given by github copilot, cheers)

  • Why People Do (And Don’t!) Join Your Team

    with Pev Vail


    An overview of increasing team awareness in their larger recruiting pool, what stops people from joining a FIRST team, and how to get potential new members from interested to involved

  • The Process of Machining

    with Daniel Xu


    The lecture will go through all the steps of designing a (drivetrain) plate and then preparing it to machine on a CNC Router.

  • How to (not) Build a Cheap Climber in a Box: The Lessons We Learned!

    with Nicholas Gavalas


    How we built designed and tested and built our climber. The issues we had with it and the lessons we learned.

  • Nonprofit Finance

    with Daniel Uh


    A brief crash course on Sponsorships and Grants!

  • Strategy 101

    with April Li and Andrew Liu


    how stuypulse's strategy team serves and how you can too :)

  • Citrus Service

    with Steven Zhang


    A brief overview of Citrus Service, an outreach program founded in 2017 with the purpose of aiding other robotics teams in their competitive pursuits. (sourced from