StuySplash Presentations

StuySplash 2021

In 2021, we held StuySplash at Stuyvesant High School on December 4. Below are the presentations from the event.

  • Presenting in person! Communicating for Chairmans and Pit Interviews

    with Jeanne Boyarsky


    Presenting and answering questions is different in person than on Zoom/Teams. In this interactive session, attendees will learn tips they can use at the 2022 competition. Whether you are presenting Chairmans or encountering a judge in the pit, you’ll be prepared to communicate effectively! Jeanne Boyarsky is a Distinguished Toastmaster and has given over a hundred speeches. She has also written six books about Java and will be giving away a copy to one of the attendees.

  • Basics of FRC

    with Michelle Zhang & Katie Collins


    Crash course of what the season is like for those who have not attended an in-person FRC season before; what to expect, what to plan for, and how to have fun.

  • Programming with the Romi

    with Michael Lee


    In this session you will learn about the Romi robot and how you can use it to learn programming for the FIRST Robotics Competition. You will learn what the Romi is, what resources are available to learn, and see a quick demo of the Romi running Java code using WPILib.

  • Dead Wheel Odometry and Roadrunner

    with Ishraq Mahid & Lucas Lee


    What is dead wheel odometry, why we should use it, and how, along with an introduction to RoadRunner.

  • Intro to FRC Awards

    with Ian Codner, Izzy Jia, & Manolee Merlet


    Introduction to the three big awards in FRC: the Dean's List Award, the Woodie Flowers Award, and the Chairman's Award.

  • How to Analyze FTC Robot Games for Sucess

    with Eileen Kuo & Sinan Roumie


    We will discuss strategies to maximize the performance and mechanisms used on FTC robots!

  • How to Approach an FRC Season

    with Joseph Blay


    This presentation is designed to give FRC students a better idea of how to effectively organize and schedule their build and competition seasons as well as how to go about making decisions as a team. This presentation is targeted at helping students and mentors get ready for the upcoming season after a very long break from building robots.

  • 2022 FRC Beta Testing

    with Nicky Lin


    I will be going over the new software changes for the FRC 2022 season. These include new changes to the WPILib library, new features for computer vision, and more.

  • Rendering with Fusion360

    with Steven Lei


    How to render everything from a table to robots using Fusion360. We will learn about how to manipulate appearances and scene settings to produce high quality renderings.

  • Leadership in FIRST

    with Levi Olevsky


    What is one skill that every single person on a FIRST team should have? A good leader will be able to not only manage, but enhance the skills of their team, regardless if the team is two people or one hundred. Come learn what I think it takes to be a good leader.

  • Life of a Mechanical Engineer

    with Howard Cohen

  • Continuing SE Through the Pandemic

    with Sam Belliveau & Myles Pasetsky


    Sam and I will talk about the how we were able to continue newbie education and software research through the pandemic this past year. We discuss the usage of simulations and ROMIs in learning, teaching, and testing motion profiling and computer vision. We also discuss the specific techniques we used to create IR@H ready code while only being able to meet over zoom.