StuySplash Presentations

StuySplash 2019

In 2019, we held StuySplash at Stuyvesant High School on December 14. Below are the presentations from the event.

  • Think

    with Joseph Lee

    A closer examination of the core of designing process -- Forces

  • Alumni Panel

    with Navid (694), Harikesh (1305), and Asha (865)

    A time to ask people who went through FIRST about what life is like beyond FIRST and high school, and how FIRST has shaped their lives.

  • 2020 Beta Testing

    with Pak Ming Lau (694)

    A summary of everything that 694 has done this year for beta testing.

  • FRC Electronics

    with Nazifa Prapti (5599)

    The lecture will go over all the aspects of wiring the robot. It will include a description of different motor controllers, construction techniques, assembly of the electronics board, electronics checklist. I will talk about all things to keep in mind when assembling the electronics board so that way we can easily access all our wires quickly and efficiently in case anything goes wrong during competition.

  • FTC Linear Motion

    with Steven Lei (FTC 479)

    Various types of linear motion in FTC: slides, rack and pinion, chain, and lead screw. Emphasis on linear slides.

  • Intro to Gradle for FRC Teams

    with Jeanne Boyarsky (694)

    Gradle is the build system used by FRC. This session will explain the basics of Gradle, how it relates to FRC and how you can customize your build.

  • Scouting and Competition Strategy Workshop

    with Joseph Blay and Brian Maher

    This highly interactive session will allow students and mentors to learn and share best practices for FRC scouting and strategy. We will begin by discussing 694 and 2791's approaches and then we will discuss attendees' methods, problems, and potential improvements.

  • No Bag - A New Era

    with Howard Cohen (FIRST Community)

    For years, the 6 week build season has been ingrained into the FIRST experience. Now a new era of FIRST is upon us as we explore the extra time we have, and time we lose.

  • Electric Motors are Not Trivial

    with Dan Lavin (694)

    How brushed and brushless motors work, in theory and practice, with a critical look at motor curves.

  • Dumping out your Java, and trying some Kotlin

    with Winston Peng (694)

    Directed towards Java teams. Teaches about how to program simultaneously with both Java and Kotlin, the advantages of using Kotlin, and how Kotlin could be used to supplement Java Education.

  • How to Glow-up

    with Emily Adam and Adalia Spadafora (771)

    From ramps to champs, three members of FRC team 771 talk about the technical problems they’ve overcome throughout the years. This presentation looks at problems in strategy, dynamics, and sustainability using real-life examples (oh no), following the “glow-up” of SWAT.

  • How to Structure a FTC Build Season

    with Megan Gupta-She (FTC 310)

    How to structure a build season to make sure your team meets all deadlines and builds a robot that will get you winning competitions.

  • Introduction to Pneumatics

    with Bryant Goh (694)

    Basics and techniques of pneumatics including FRC rules and regulations.

  • Crawling, Walking, and Running Your Way to Smart Scouting

    with Zach Hardy and Spike Ramhap (271)

    This lecture will focus on starting up and improving your team's scouting and data analytics in order to make focused and concise decisions during alliance rounds. This will cover basic, intermediate, and advanced scouting using a spectrum of different platforms finding the right fit for everyone.

  • Swerve 101/Intro to Swerve

    with Jeremy Zang (694)

    Basics of swerve drive design and programming

  • Filtering Controller Inputs and Making it in the Stock Market

    with Sam Belliveau (694)

    This lecture will cover the technology used to filter controller and motor inputs. It also happens to be the case that the smoothing technology also has its uses in evaluating stock prices.

  • Getting' Picky: How to Navigate Alliance Selection

    with Brian Maher

    Contrary to popular belief, most FRC events are not won or lost during a match, but during alliance selection. Learn how to use scouting data to make a pick list, navigate the alliance selection process, and make a good impression on alliance captains in order to have your best shot at a blue banner.

  • Crash Course on Linkages

    with Brianna Leung (694)

    Linkages are one of the most fundamental ways humans have translated motion. This lecture will cover the fundamentals of forming linkages and their many spicy real-world applications!

  • Motion Profiling: How to Win Autonomous

    with Tahsin Ahmed (694)

    How to use motion profiling to better control robot motion in autonomous.

  • A Closer Look at Leadership

    with Asha Mills-Emmett (865)

    "A Closer Look at Leadership" will address the common misconception that leadership requires a position of power. I will talk about what it really takes to be a good leader, and discuss strategies that anyone can use to ensure good leadership practice.

  • How to Analyze A Match in FRC: A Post Match Building Block

    with Abdullah Khan & Cavin Saravanan (25)

    From driving to scouting, many aspects lead to a successful team. Learn about the insights needed to analyze post-match replays and how they can lead to better performance.