StuySplash Presentations

StuySplash 2017

In 2017, we held StuySplash at Stuyvesant High School on December 16. Below are the presentations from the event.

  • Beta Testing

    with Brian Lin


    Beta Testing is the refinement of new control systems that are released every year. This presentation will cover the new features in the 2018 Control System for FRC.

  • FTC: Design and Strategy

    with Joe Blay


    In FTC, the design choices we make in the beginning of the season may greatly impact the strategy that we pursue during competition. Here, we will discuss some of the design choices that teams can make in order to perform certain common functions (driving, acquiring, lifting, etc.), the parts and tools that may be needed and scouting and strategy that may be used from kickoff to competition.

  • A Maniac's Approach to an FRC Competition

    with Joseph Blay

    We will discuss some key practices in preparation for and at an FRC event that lead to success on the field. We will delve deep into the mind of an FRC maniac and everything he does in order to try to give his team the best chance to win.

  • Intro to 3D Printing

    with Jon Lu


    What's the difference between a FDM and a SLA printer? Why use PLA over ABS or photopolymers? This lecture will dive into various 3D printing technologies, how to use them, and how a 3D printer can fit into your team's workshop.

  • Java Build Tools

    with Jeanne Boyarsky


    What do Ant, Maven and Gradle have in common? Team 694 has used these build tools in the last three years in some fashion. Whether it is CV code, building a library or even building the robot, knowing the basics of how these tools work puts you on the path to success. Jeanne Boyarsky has written three books about Java 8 and will be giving away a copy to one of the attendees.

  • Networking 101

    with Elizabeth Olshanetsky


    Learn about the importance of networking and how to effectively network in the FRC World and beyond.

  • A Strategic Approach to FRC

    with Joseph Blay

    There is so much more to success in FRC than robots. Good strategy can be the difference between good robots and winning robots. Hear all about strategy in FRC from our regional and championship division winning coach, Joe Blay.

  • Steering a Ship that No One Taught You How to Pilot

    with Noah Tom-Wong

    Leadership is the most important part of a well-run team, and yet you never really learn about it. This lecture goes over leadership structure and should help you run a team effectively. It covers topics such as delegation, scheduling, and communication so that your robot-building experiences goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Computer Vision

    with Adris Jautakas


    Learn about Computer Vision, a powerful tool that helps your robot detect and reach goals autonomously. We will talk about the uses of Computer Vision, and the steps needed to get it working on your robot, so that you can take your bot's auton game to the next level.

  • Bare Metal Microcontroller Programming

    with Jarek Lupinski


    Code and scripts written for PCs run on top of an operating system, where drivers and the kernel hide the complexity of the hardware layer. By writing code that compiles and runs directly on a chip with no OS present, you can unlock some neat features that may help you achieve your design goals. We’ll quickly go over the basics of microcontroller programming with best practices and example use cases, and go through a short demo on setting up a microcontroller programming environment.

  • Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid as a FRC team

    with Emily Adam, Alex Hon, Ella Kirton, and Adalia Spadafora

    FRC is about learning from your mistakes. Join us for our workshop looking at common mishaps made by FRC teams.

  • FLL Robots: Tiny But Not Timid

    with Noah Tom-Wong

    This lecture will cover how to build a basic FLL robot, and all the little intricacies that people don't think about when building them. Useful if you're intending to or new at mentoring FLL teams, but not if you have a bit of previous experience with FLL. We’ll go over all the pieces at your disposal, structures, practices, and some programming.

  • Github Workflow for Open Source Software

    with Justin Kim


    One of the advantages of using a VCS like Git is its contribution features. GitHub gives teams an easy, effective way to peer-review code and ensure code quality throughout the build season.

  • Five Fatal Mistakes: Why Your Robot is Dead on the Field

    with Evan Forbes


    Learn the most common reasons robots disconnect on the field and the steps you can take to make sure your robot never dies in the middle of a critical match.

  • Intro to Pneumatics

    with Levi Olevsky


    Ever been startled by a sudden burst of air coming from a nearby robot? Yep, that's the pneumatic system. A simple system that opens up countless possibilities for your robot. I will teach you how to create a pneumatic system, take advantage of linear actuators, create prevent leaks, and more!

  • Using Java 8 in FRC Programming

    with Jeanne Boyarsky


    Learn Java from last year’s seniors? Who learned it from the seniors two years ago? Who, well you get the idea. Come learn about how new features in Java 8 can help you write clearer and easier Java code for your robot. And for coding things other than robots too. Jeanne Boyarsky has written three books about Java 8 and will be giving away a copy to one of the attendees.

  • Sponsorships, Fundraising, Branding Your Best Self

    with Yubin Kim

    Fundraising for any engineering organization is important. Teams, projects, research labs, and entrepreneurs in engineering face the problem of being able to fund themselves. It is important that team leaders learn and develop different strategies to fund their teams through crowdfunding, outreach, and fundraising. This lecture will focus on how teams can effectively reach out to potential sponsors and strategize methods to succeed in crowdfunding/fundraising initiatives while marketing and presenting their best selves.