StuySplash Presentations

StuySplash 2016

In 2016, we held StuySplash at Stuyvesant High School on December 10. Below are the presentations from the event.

  • Competition Strategy & Preparation

    with Joe Blay

    We will be discussing a roadmap for team strategy and preparation for competition in terms of strategy. We will discuss scouting, drive team assembly, and more.

  • Einstein Strategies

    with Howard Cohen

    Explore the strategies that the top teams use to get to the "Final Field". It is clear the level of competition changes as you go from qualifications to eliminations. Join us as we dive into how teams win and lose the World Championship.

  • CAD and its Uses for FRC

    with Jonah Sachs-Wetstone


    We will discuss SolidWorks for FRC teams, go over the uses of CAD in building and design, and demonstrate basic SolidWorks.

  • Strategy and Design

    with Eric Lam


    The Game Reveal video just came out and you want to figure out how to build that robot. You start talking about shooters and macha-STOP! How do you know that you are building the best robot? This lecture will help guide you through what it takes to be a real engineer and to strategize how to make the best robot.

  • Computer Vision

    with Wilson Berkow


    You'll learn about how our Stronghold computer vision worked in the end, the obstacles we faced, and how we solved them.

  • Strategic Thinking and Strategy Teams

    with Christopher Sherling


    Strategic thinking plays an important role in life and especially competition. This lecture will teach you some basics of strategic thinking and how to use that knowledge to assemble a strong team of strategists.

  • Collaborative Coding & Review through GitHub

    with Justin Kim


    GitHub makes it easy for teams of programmers to collaborate on a shared codebase. Learn how to easily and effectively peer-review code to ensure code quality throughout the build season.

  • Organizing a FTC Team

    with James Hua

    You will learn how to organize a FTC team, from delegating work to managing resources.

  • Intro to Autodesk Fusion 360 for FTC

    with Jonathan Lu

    Fusion 360 is a great student-friendly, all-in-one CAD software that runs on all platforms and has cloud collaboration. This seminar will cover drawing and building parts, and how to put them all together for a concept robot.

  • Beta Testing Seminar

    with Brian Yang

    The lecture will go over new features in the 2017 FRC beta control system and address any issues that have arisen while beta testing.

  • Team Organization & Marketing

    with Courtney Chiu


    Learn about how our team is organized, how we market ourselves, and how we obtain and keep sponsors.

  • FLL & Mentoring

    with Arpita Abrol

    FLL: the game with Lego's that made you think robotics was going to be easy. Here, you'll learn about FLL and its two main components, the robot, and the project. You'll also learn what you need to get started with mentoring FLL. This is more of a beginner lecture, so people with prior FLL experience may not find this informative.

  • Physics for Material & Motor Choice

    with Jion Fairchild

    Choosing the wrong material and motor curves and getting the wrong gear ratio can leave your robot in a ball of flames. From now on, you don't need to guess, because we'll learn how to pick materials and motors empirically with math and physics.

  • Intro to Pneumatics

    with Levi Olevsky


    An introduction to FRC pneumatics. Lecture will include explanations about applications of pneumatics, how to build pneumatic systems, and other useful information.

  • An Overview of Sensor Based Robot Control

    with Dan Lavin

    Sensors can help robots know where they are and what they should be doing. Learning to use them to control a robot effectively is a challenge involving knowledge, analysis, and a bit of art.