StuySplash Presentations

StuySplash 2014

In 2014, we held StuySplash at Stuyvesant High School on December 13. Below are the presentations from the event.

  • Keynote Presentation

    with Dr. Jizhong Xiao, Ph.D

  • Eclipse for Java

    with Justin Kim

    In this workshop, Java and C++ developers will learn the basics of Eclipse, the new IDE for the 2015 season. Attendees will walk away learning the differences between Eclipse and Netbeans/WindRiver. They will also learn how to make the most of the FRC plugins. Highlights include migrating a project to Eclipse, creating a new robot project, deploying code, and tips for working with Eclipse efficiently. We also include best practices from an actual Eclipse developer.

  • Intro to Computer Assisted Design

    with Jion Fairchild

    Computer Assisted Design (CAD) is an essential part of mechanical design in the 21st century. This workshop will be going over the basics of CAD using the program Autodesk Inventor. You will learn how to create sketches, parts and assemblies to match specific dimensions and test your ideas. You will also be taken through the design process with some practice parts and shown practical uses in actual robots. Keep in mind that this will be a very basic overview of CAD and is not intended for those with CAD experience.

  • Pneumatics

    with Noah Tom-Wong

    Pneumatics involve the use of compressed gas as force. Sound like hot air? Well, it is, because the compressor gets very hot during... never mind. Pneumatics are an incredibly simple way to make linear motion through the use of pistons, giving it many applications in FRC. However, there are many ways to get this wrong. This class will cover the basics of pneumatics, from components to usage of pneumatics, as well as a few tips on leaks. If you have used pneumatics extensively, I highly doubt you'll find anything new, but if you intend to use pneumatics and need a little bit of help getting started, then this is the class for you!

  • Scouting, Data Analysis and Strategy

    with Joe Blay (Mentor)

    Having a good robot isn't enough to win a competition. Solid scouting data on other teams' robot is also extremely important. This workshop will cover basics and useful techniques of scouting, data analysis and strategy during a FRC competition.

  • Beta Seminar 2015

    with Danny Qiu

    In this seminar, teams will be introduced to the new robot control system for the 2015 season, the roboRIO. Attendees will also learn about new software libraries and hardware components. We will also demonstrate how to use the new SmartDashboard and RobotBuilder. Highlights include changes in programming practices from previous years, improvements to the development process, and other cool new features!

  • Intro to Engineering and Programming in FTC

    with FTC Teams 310 and 479

    Interested in FTC? Learn about what FTC is and how Stuyvesants' FTC teams 310 and 479 function. Learn how both FTC teams work, including discussions on engineering, programming, and marketing.

  • Software Development Skills, Practices, and Tools

    with Eric Lam

    In this workshop, various techniques and skills of software development will be covered. Ranging from basis coding standards and code structure to debugging and version control, this workshop is aimed to provide practical and useful skills to software engineers of both veteran and new FRC teams.

  • FIRST Marketing/Public Relations Workshop

    with Norm Sutaria

    What's your team's story? What makes you and your team unique? What does being in FIRST Robotics Team mean to you? In this workshop, Norm Sutaria, the Director of Programs from NYC FIRST will discuss interview techniques and how to use simple and free tools to tell engaging stories to your community.

  • Learning from Mistakes

    with Dan Lavin (Mentor)

    What is the best way to learn something? Mistakes! In this workshop, StuyPulse's mentor will cover numerous common mistakes that happen during build season and competition and teach how to troubleshoot them.