StuySplash Presentations

StuySplash 2012

In 2012 we held StuySplash at the New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn on December 15th. Below are the presentations from the event.

  • Introduction to Drive Trains

    with Joanna Zhu


    We will discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of various commonly used drivetrains, as well as how to assemble the Kitbot on Steroids (from Simbotics Team 1114).

  • Robot Programming with Java

    with Kevin Wang


    An introduction to WPILibJ and command-based programming (CBP). In this presentation, we will write a basic robot project using WPILibJ. Note: we will not be teaching the Java language itself in this talk; prior experience with the language and object-oriented programming is strongly recommended.

  • Introduction to Control Theory

    with Dan Lavin (Mentor)

    We will cover the fundamentals of control theory including PID control.

  • Java Beta Presentation

    with Eric Lam


    We will discuss the 2013 FRC Java beta test. Topics will include the slightly newer code, but more importantly RobotBuilder and LiveWindow, the former helping create the framework for a CBP project, the latter aiding in debugging robots, as well as allowing for (interesting) cosmetic additions.

  • Version Control with Git

    with Kevin Wang


    We will discuss the concept of version control and its importance to large software projects, and we will explore the distributed version control system Git and how it facilitates collaborative robot code development. Basic knowledge of the Linux command-line interface is recommended.

  • Motors In Depth

    with Dan Lavin (Mentor)


    We will be learning about the physics behind the contraptions we know as “motors” and about the physics that makes them run and make our robot do what we need it to do.

  • Fundraising

    with Naoki Cho

    We will discuss both conventional and nonconventional methods of securing funding, from book sales to grants.

  • Introduction to Manipulators

    with Jason Ye


    We will introduce different types of game piece manipulators and some general design ideas for reference and for inspiration.

  • Effective FIRST Strategies

    with Peter Jasko


    A presentation/lecture of game playing and scouting strategies that have proven to be effective for FRC teams. This presentation will contain examples and concepts that can give your team an edge when it comes to competition.

  • Team Management

    with Philipp Steinmann


    We will explore how effective team administration can be facilitated by optimizing workflows and utilizing innovative, modern techniques.

  • Scouting and Conceptual Design Flaws

    with Sebastian Conybeare

    We will identify “obvious” design errors from a strategist's perspective, and how to avoid them. You will also learn about scouting, how to make it effective, how to use that information, and how to win with just a boxbot.

  • Robot Electronics

    with Samuel Lijin


    We will begin with a brief overview of the current FRC control system and then proceed to discuss tips of the trade, including effective tools, recommended wiring configurations, and a brief overview of troubleshooting procedures, followed by what's new in 2013.

  • Animation and CGI

    with Alex Pan

    We will discuss how to manipulate simple 3D geometric figures to create a vast variety of objects and shapes and learn how to apply textures, lighting, and other properties to imbue our creations with life. By the end of the workshop, you will have gained a solid understanding of how to use the same CGI used to make games, movies and advertisements