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StuySplash is an intensive camp for FRC, covering everything from the foundation of your robot to the 0's and 1's that make it overweight. StuySplash was originally adapted from the beta seminar that StuyPulse has given as a summary of beta testing for the past several years. We very much enjoy providing the beta seminar, but in 2012 we realized that we had much more information to impart to newer teams and as a result StuySplash was founded.

Modeled after the wildly successful CSplash and MIT Splash events, Stuy Splash is designed to aid newer teams in whatever area they are having trouble. A set of classes on a variety of topics from game-piece manipulators to marketing strategies to rationalizing your team's decision-making process are held throughout the day with multiple simultaneous classes and no requirement to sit through an entire lecture ensure that the learners are engaged in precisely what they want to learn about. And, of course, the beta seminar is offered as part of the day's lectures.

All previous StuySplash lectures can be found here

StuySplash 2023, with Mr. Blay presenting

Open Source Software

From our robot code to this very website, everything we develop is open source. Check out our code on GitHub here!

Team Documents

Team Forms

In order to join and participate on the team, the following must be completed:

New team members will need to request to be added to the Stuyvesant Robotics google group to recieve weekly emails and updates. They will also need to register an account with FIRST to fill out their STIMS.

Team dues are $100, and completition of a safety exam is required to join the team.

Branding Guide

Information regarding our team name, logo, and color usage can be found in our branding guide here.

Press Packet

Information and materials for potential sponsors can be found in our press packet here.

Team Charter

Find a formal description of our team's structure and government here.