Documents & Tutorials


2012 Beta Seminar

Video and resources from our 2012 Java, hardware, and Kinect beta seminar at Stuyvesant High School in December, 2011.

Newbie FRC Games

Documentation for all current and previous newbie games that we have made.

Open Source Software

From our robot code to this very website, everything we develop is open source. Check out our code on GitHub!

Stuy Splash Presentations: 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021

Stuy Splash is an intensive camp for FRC, covering everything from the foundation of your robot to the 0’s and 1’s that make it overweight.

We have uploaded the presentations from the event, and they are available for download.


Driver Station Troubleshooting Guide

A document published by our Software Engineering department in 2011 with solutions to common Driver Station issues.


Fundraising is a very important aspect of maintaining any FIRST Robotics team. Here is a guide to help you raise money.

FLL Curriculum

Our FLL curriculum guide, designed to help new teams and mentors.

How to Recruit

A robotics team can sound very intimidating to a high school student, especially one who has no prior experience. However, the more people on a team, the more ideas and manpower the team has, and the better the robot will inevitably be. Here are a few ways to help your team grow and retain anywhere from over ten to over one hundred members.

Video Production

Creating videos for or about your team can be fun or can very tedious. Whether your experience are one or the other is dependent on how you carry out all the parts of the video production process.

For Members

Team Forms

Team members must fill out these forms in order to participate on the team.


Frequently asked questions.

Team Documents

Branding Guide

Information regarding team name, logo, and color usage.

Operations Plan

A statement of the long-term vision and goals of our team, and a plan for the year. The Operations Plan is prepared every summer by the incoming team leadership.

Press Packet

Information and materials for potential sponsors.

Team Charter

A formal description of our team’s structure and government.