About This Website

The current iteration of StuyPulse.com, which launched in February 2013, replaced the aging PHP framework and website design which had been in use since 2008. Originally developed by the StuyPulse Web Team of 2013, led by webmasters Kevin Wang and Sungwoo Park, the 2013 StuyPulse.com reboot was both a functional and visual modernization endeavor.

The Nitty Gritty

Rather than relying on a complex content management system to serve content, this website is built with Jekyll, a “simple, blog aware, static site generator” written in Ruby. As a purely static site, no server-side processing is necessary after the site is initially built. Furthermore, our site is hosted on GitHub Pages, resulting in extremely fast page load times.

Much of our content is formatted with Markdown, which gets converted into HTML when the site is built. This makes it easy for team members to add content to the site without any HTML experience, while avoiding the complexity of using a CMS with a WYSIWYG page editor.

The StuyPulse Network

The StuyPulse Network is the collection of websites that have been developed by the StuyPulse Web Team. Check out the sidebar for links to other sites in the StuyPulse Network. Furthermore, see the footer navigation bar for our media presence on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and more!

Problems? Questions? Comments?

Interested in how our site is built? Our site is 100% open source; feel free to take a look at our source code to learn more about how we use Jekyll to create our website.

If you would like to contact our web team, send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We’re happy to help with any questions you may have!

Bryan Lai (‘19) 2018-2019 Webmaster

Victor Siu (‘19) 2018-2019 Webmaster in Training

StuyPulse Network

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