2014: DESmond


In 2014, our robot, DESmond, was one of our most reliable and consistently performing robots. As always, our robot’s name was chosen by our top sponsor for the year, this year’s being DE Shaw. Throughout the season, DESmond proved its robustness as well, having faced considerably fewer mechanical problems than robots in previous years. This year, we seeded second place after qualifications in the New York City regional - our highest rank yet. Although we did not make it to championship, we managed to reach the quarterfinals in both the NYC regional and the Buckeye regional in Cleveland, Ohio. Most notably, StuyPulse got to fly to Shenzhen, China this year for the first ever Chinese FRC scrimmage. There, along with a few other American teams, we taught Chinese teams through a series of workshops.

  • New York City Regional Quarterfinalist
  • Buckeye Regional Quarterfinalist
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