2007: Tom


Our seventh year was one of our roughest. That year’s robot, Tom, was designed to be able to complete two of the major challenges in the 2007 game, Rack n’ Roll: to place inner tubes on the rack structure while also deploying ramps for our alliance partners to climb in order to get bonus points at the end of the match. It was a difficult build season with the hospitalization of our teacher, Mr. Colón, but when he returned we turned things around. We ended up finishing in the finals at the New York City Regional as well as earning our highest ever seed at the championship, finishing only 2 seeds short of being an alliance captain for the first time in the eliminations at the Championship.

  • New York City Regional Finalist
  • Underwriters Laboratory Industrial Safety Award
  • New Jersey Regional Judges Award
  • 375 Best Ramp Bot
  • 354 Best Mascot - 16 Best Alliance Partner
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