2001: Stuyle


Our team was founded in the fall of 2000 by a forward-looking group of dedicated students and their parents. We rallied together team members, sponsors, mentors, and entrance fees to the F.I.R.S.T. robotics competition. After the game was unveiled in January, we sifted through many complex ideas and prototypes, but finally decided upon a simple design which affectionally came to be known as Stuyle.

Weighing in at 93 pounds, our first robot could “limbo” under a bar, latch onto two goals with pneumatically-actuated goal grabbers, and balance on a see-saw-like bridge while holding the two goals.

At our initial F.I.R.S.T. event in New York City, we experienced a see-saw of emotions as individual matches were alternately successful and disastrous. In spite of this, we were chosen by McKee High School from Staten Island to be a member of their alliance. We progressed to the finals and took home a silver medal after an amazing display in one of our final matches. We also traveled to the Championship Event in Florida that year, where we set the Galileo division’s highest score.

We used this positive start as a jumping board into our exciting career as a F.I.R.S.T. team. StuyPulse had arrived and was ready for the future.

  • New York City Regional Finalist
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