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Please contact us at if you would like to join the team!

Our Lab

Stuyvesant High School
345 Chambers Street
Room 450
New York, NY 10282

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Want to be a member?

To join the team you need to fill out a multitude of forms:

  1. Contact Form: A form that must be filled out requiring information about parents and students.
  2. Media Consent Form: This form must be signed by a parent or guardian to give permission for their child to be photographed, quoted, filmed, or videotaped for non-profit use (e.g.: educational, public service or health awareness purposes).
  3. Medical Form: A form for medical purposes regarding allergies, vaccinations, etc.
  4. STIMS: A form for FIRSTInspires that registers you to a specific robotics team. It also requires you to create an online account for FIRST to complete STIMS.

Team Dues:

Students also have to pay team dues amounting to $100.00 to support the funding of each of the team’s departments: Engineering, Software Engineering, and Marketing.

Extra Services:

Once students have completed their forms and are on StuyPulse, they will be given emails and an account for Team Manager.

StuyPulse Emails:

StuyPulse emails allows for easier communication as all students are listed in a Google Group. These emails also allow for easier access to files and other sources in Google Drive. More specifically, StuyPulse Team Drives for each of the departments only invite users. StuyPulse emails are also used for another service that our team deals with: Team Manager.

Team Manager:

Team Manager is a website located here, and is used to manage all the private information kept by the team. Aside from only keeping team form records, the website also keeps track of student interest. One primary example is the ability to go on FIRST Competition Trips.

Google Groups:

Students with stuypulse emails will also have to sign up for Google Groups here. The reason for this is identical to Team Manager and storing private information.

Q & A:

Are the meetings mandatory?

Nope! It is completely up to you on whether you want to come to the meetings. If students are preoccupied with schoolwork or can’t attend a meeting due to other reasons, it’s fine to miss one. However, it’s recommended that students attend meetings often because they need to learn the “curriculum” for their specific department.

Do I have to have experience to join?

Nope! Our robotics team accepts all students regardless of their experience. In fact, we have lessons to teach new members before the competition season begins. These involve hands-on experiences with parts or learning from slides while using laptops that we provide.

What other requirements are there besides the forms?

Students will have to attend a safety lecture at the beginning of the year. This is so that they will understand the dangers of a lab dealing with many machines. Students must receive a full score to join the robotics team.