2012: JoeBot


2012 was undeniably one of the most memorable and fantastic seasons for StuyPulse. During the first 2 weeks of our build season, we encountered issues such as materials taking a long time to arrive, which prevented us from testing the robot properly. However, we eventually were able to finish the robot and with the help of great driving and strategy, we managed to become the eighth alliance captain and finished in the quarter finals in the New York City Regional, our first event of the season. Between New York and Connecticut, we overhauled many features on our Joebot going into our next competition, and ended as seventh alliance captain in the quarterfinals. We were able to force a third match in the quarter-finals against the second alliance, shocking everyone in the event by pulling off the triple balance with the use of the “stingers” we added for the Connecticut Regional. Our season didn’t end there - we were recognized by the Chairman’s Award, the most prestigious prestigious award in F.I.R.S.T., for the third season in a row, which qualified us for Championship! At St. Louis, we played against some of the best teams in the country, and brought back a victorious record of 6-3 win-loss ratio.

  • New York City Regional Quarterfinalist
  • New York Woodie Flowers Regional Award (Jeanne Boyarsky)
  • Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional Chairman's Award
  • Website Award
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