Team Leadership

Meet the Executive Council!

President of Engineering Navid K.

President of Engineering The President of Engineering is familiar with every part of the robot, able to explain the part to another team member or a judge, as well as able to repair any part of the robot if it is broken. They are also knowledgeable about the details of the Chairman’s Award submission and other award submissions.

President of Marketing Coby S.

The President of Marketing holds final responsibility for all outreach, logistics, and award submissions for the team. They have full knowledge of all awards and shall present the Chairman’s Award or assign the presentation to someone else deemed competent. The PoM also has adequate knowledge of the other two departments.

President of Software Engineering Hui Min W.

President of Software Engineering The President of Software Engineering primarily manages the development of robot code and all related software. They also manage the design and development of all human interfaces and control systems. The PoSE is responsible for the production of documentation concerning the control system on all levels, such as pinout sheets and systems check guidelines. They work closely with the PoE to effectively manage the development of the control system alongside the hardware. The PoSE also collaborates with the strategy team to develop effective solutions for both the teleoperated and autonomous modes, as well as the marketing team to coordinate events and regional activities, such as seminars. The PoSE must effectively manage the software development team in order to accomplish these responsibilities and must have the same level of familiarity with the robot as the PoE.

Vice President of Engineering Eric C.

The Vice President of Engineering is considered the second-in-command for the Engineering department. They have knowledge of what the Presidents are currently doing and is able to direct the Engineering department in the event of the PoE’s absence. The VPoE also has extensive knowledge of each part of the robot as well as basic knowledge of all awards submissions.

Vice President of Marketing Dechen P.

The Vice President of Marketing is the second-­in-­command for the Marketing department. The VPoM should have knowledge of what the President of Marketing is currently doing and should be able to direct the Marketing department in the event of the PoM’s absence. They have extensive knowledge of all award submissions as well as basic knowledge of each part of the robot.

Vice President of Software Engineering Pratham R.

The Vice President of Software Engineering is the second­-in-­command for the Software Engineering department. They have knowledge of what the President of Software Engineering is currently doing and should be able to direct the Software Engineering department in the event of the PoSE’s absence, as well as collaborate with the President of Engineering in managing the overall robot project.

Director of Electronics Colin H.

The Director of Electronics sets up and manages the electronic systems on the robot to FIRST regulations. They cooperate with both engineers and software engineers to ensure that the electronic systems are organised and able to be modified if needed. The DoE is also responsible for the education of other members in the electronics sub­department.

Assistant Director of Electronics Seonga O.

The Assistant Director of Electronics is familiar with all aspects of the electronic systems on the robot and be able to assume the jobs of Director of Electronics at any time.

Director of Lab Operations and Safety Endar L. & Alyson L.

The Director of Lab Operations and Safety, at the highest level, is responsible for the smooth running of the team’s workspaces. They are responsible for keeping a detailed inventory of the tools and construction materials in the laboratory as well as a record of materials used in the construction of the robot. The DoLOS is also responsible for ensuring that all necessary safety rules are observed in the lab during build season. The DoLOS will automatically be appointed Safety Captain at the competition and will be responsible for carrying out all duties therein.

Director of Procurement Ryan A.

The Director of Procurement is responsible for overseeing and actualizing the procurement of goods necessary for the team’s operation. The DoP is similarly responsible for identifying adequate substitutes when a necessary resource cannot be obtained from the traditional supplier for a reasonable cost. All procurement requests must be approved by a faculty advisor. The DoP is also required to maintain a detailed, up­to­date account of the team’s expenditures, available on request.

Director of Finance Vacant

The Director of Finance must ensure the stability of the team’s finances, such as the budget of each department in conjunction with the EEC and Faculty Advisors. The DoF must also maintain stable relationships with sponsors and contact them on a regular basis.

Director of Operations Vacant

The Director of Operations will handle the day-to-day operations of the marketing department and the whole team. The DoO is responsible for paperwork, trip planning, managing deadlines and other logistics regarding the team. The Director of Operations is also responsible for award submissions, as well as a timeline that will guide the team smoothly through a busy building season and keep the pace of work going through pre-season and post-season.

Director of Public Relations Areyan K.

The Director of Public Relations will plan for outreach events and direct all outreach initiatives, such as Stuy Splash and public demonstrations. At the same time, the DoPR is responsible for creating a strong team media presence using blogs, photographs, videos, social media, and other media.

Director of Media Vacant

The Director of Media is responsible for the creation of all visual and media content for our social media platforms. They are also responsible for taking pictures and videos at all team events. They are to work alongside the Director of Public Relations to create necessary content. The DoM is also responsible for leading and educating the members of the media team.

Director of Strategy Yi Lin M.

The Director of Strategy is to ensure all team members know game rules and robot restrictions. During the build season, he/she can suggest features for the robot that will allow for possible gameplay strategies. In addition, the DoS assembles and educates a group of scouts that will gather information on other teams during the competition. During competition, the DoS is responsible for creating and communicating with the drive teams of our alliance strategies for each match, and should make a list of the top 24 teams for alliance selections. This Director shall also be responsible for the selection and practice of the driver, operator, and human player. The drive team will be selected through tryouts organised by the Director, and conflicting responsibilities as well as other factors will be taken into account for the final selection. The drive team must be approved by the majority of the EC and the Faculty Advisors.

Assistant Director of Strategy Anna L.

The Assistant Director of Strategy is to be familiar with all aspects of strategy and be ready to assume the jobs of Director of Strategy if necessary.

Director of Design Qiong Zhou H.

The Director of Design is responsible for the upkeep of the CAD model of the robot and all elements thereof with the aid of a CAD team. This CAD team is to be instructed in the use of CAD programs and led by the Director of Design.

Primary Machinist Ethan K.

The Primary Machinist is responsible for the maintaining the mill, lathe, and their parts. He/she must also make sure that there will be at least two members of the team that will be able to use the mill in the upcoming year, including the Primary Machinist. If there are fewer than two such members, the Primary Machinist is responsible for training new members.

Director of Field Construction Vacant

It is the job of the Director of Field Construction to construct the field of the released game with acceptable accuracy. For each function that the robot has to perform, it is this person’s responsibility to ensure that at least one set of the field elements involved in that task is procured and produced. However, the DoFC will also be responsible for all other fields, including FLL, FTC, and FRC fields. They are responsible for the upkeep of the shipping/robot crates and building new robot carts.

Director of Pneumatics Bryant G.

The Director of Pneumatics is responsible for the creation and management of the pneumatic system on the robot according to FIRST regulations. They cooperate with the electronics subdepartment to organize the pneumatics system alongside the electronics. The director is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all compressors, solenoids, and pistons. The DoPn is also responsible for the education of other teams members on the subject of pneumatics.

Director of Newbie Relations Winston P.

The Director of Newbie Relations for software engineering is responsible for the education of new members in software engineering, development of a curriculum, and ensuring the lessons are made in advance. The DoNR is also responsible for ensuring the new members feel included, and have tasks during the off-season.

Director of Research and Development Kevin C.

The Director of Research and Development is in charge of researching and developing various topics in software engineering. They are to make sure Proof-Of-Concepts (PoCs) are made for each topic. The DoR&D is also responsible for apportioning people to look into certain projects, and ensuring the projects are ready for use on the robot if/when they are needed.

Webmaster Bryan L.

The job of the Webmaster is to maintain the team website and any other websites created by the team. The Webmaster is to update the website with the most recent progress of the team and to upload any relevant pictures. They must also use the website to keep the team and any visitors to the website informed and interested.

Team Charter

Wondering where these positions come from? Check out our Team Charter.